Data Copy Utility

(Overview and product descriptions)

Data Copy Utility




Data Copy Utility is a remarkable File Transfer Software developed to help in Bulk Data Transfer from one computer to other within network or otherwise, preserving date and time stamp or customizing it. The tool is equally adept at carrying out Data Transfer between computers interconnected through network or otherwise. It is very adept at Data migration tasks through different drives between computers not connected through network. This unique file copy software has been equipped with whole lot of advanced features to make Data export tasks fast and easy. Notwithstanding its advanced features, ‘Data Copy Utility’ is very simple to use. Users merely need a few clicks of the mouse to transfer large amount of Data. To transfer files user needs to follow few simple steps.

First the user needs to select the files or folders to be moved. Thereafter he or she has to browse for destination folder ( Location ) where files or folder need to be moved. Now, user needs to either select ‘Preserve time stamp’ option to preserve date and time stamp or simply set custom date and time. Finally user needs to click on ‘Start Copying’ button to complete Data migration process. Utility of this Data Copy Software is immense in present scenario. As offices have become extremely dependent on computer systems for conduct of work and need large scale Data transfer, need for efficient tools to make Data transfer fast and easy is always felt. Recognising this need we have come up with ‘Data Copy Utility’. The software is adept at transferring data between computers within network, from one computer to other through drives and one storage device to other with considerable ease.

Key Feature:

  • This data transfer software provides options of preserving the date and time stamp and customize it while data migration from one computer to another.
  • The software offers a number of advanced features for moving and copying the data from one computer to another in the offices and organization where the computers are connected through a network.
  • The data moving through the software is fast, smooth and easy
  • The software has the unique ability to manage export of data in bulk. You can move or process a vast chunk of files and folders through a simple click of the mouse.
  • The software is also capable of moving several directories and sub directories in one go.
  • The software also makes data transfer from one storage device to other seamless.
  • One of the most important features is its advanced error reporting. Not only can you view the results of the data moving and copying task but can also get to know the causes of errors caused.
  • The interface of the software is user friendly.
  • The software is intuitive in its usage and can work on a number of windows platforms.
  • The software can handle all sorts of data.