Excel Addins Tools

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Excel Search and Replace Utility

  • The formatting is very quick, reliable, instant and accurate.
  • This search and replace software can process thousands of files at a time.
  • The users can highlight the words which are in different formats software.
  • The users can easily underline, bold, italic and even struck out words.

Automate XL

  • Removes Empty Rows and Columns.
  • Directly Attach Excel sheet and workbook to outlook.
  • Workbook and Excel sheets navigator.
  • Change Formula to value with a single click.

Excel Text Organizer

  • Duplicate Cleaner for Excel.
  • Duplicate preventer for excel.
  • Removes Duplicate rows in Excel.
  • Removes Empty Rows/Columns/Cells in Excel.

Excel File Converter Batch

  • Converts multiple xls and xlsx files into csv files.
  • Converts multiple xls and xlsx files into txt files.
  • Data of original file remains untouched.
  • Converts thousands of files in batch process.