Excel Text Organizer

(Overview and product descriptions)

Excel Text Organizer

v 6.5.0



Excel Text Organizer is an outstanding Data Cleaning software tool for MS Excel files. This unique Excel addin is very adept at carrying out Data cleaning tasks like- Removing Alphabetic and numeric Characters, Removing user defined Characters, Removing empty worksheets, Removing Duplicate rows, Removing Extra Spaces, Transposing Data (Rows to Columns) and many other Data cleaning tasks. Purpose of the software is not served by just completing these tasks.
Main purpose of the software is to carry out data cleaning tasks minimizing effort of the users and saving their precious time. The tool has been equipped with whole lot of advanced features for this. Featurewise this tool is advanced but is very simple to use. Users need a few clicks of the mouse to carry out most operations.

This tool can be valuable for modern offices. Modern offices rely heavily on computer systems for conduct of work and use MS excel and word extensively, necessitating use of helpful word and excel addins. Excel Text Organizer is one such software tool. Its advanced features make it extremely efficient Data remover, Space remover and Duplicate remover for excel. The tool can seamlessly remove and replace characters. Users need simple commands to carry out such operations. They can prevent duplicate entries by simply selecting Duplicate preventer command.Similarly simple commands for tasks like transposing data, removing extra spaces etc. are also available. This is a fast and reliable tool and is compatible with different windows platforms like Windows XP/Vista/2007/2008

Key Feature:

  • Removes Numeric/Alphabetic Characters in Excel
  • Removes User-defined Characters in Excel.
  • Removes UPPER/lower Case Characters in Excel.
  • Removes Leading, Trailing & Extra Spaces in Excel.
  • Conditionally Removes and Replaces Characters in Excel.
  • Duplicate Cleaner for Excel.
  • Duplicate preventer for excel.
  • Removes Duplicate rows in Excel.
  • Removes unique rows in Excel.
  • Removes Empty Rows/Columns/Cells in Excel.
  • Removes Empty Worksheets in Excel.
  • Can Color Cells/Rows Conditionally.
  • Can Color Duplicate Rows in Excel.
  • Can Transpose Data (Rows to Columns).
  • Is compatible  with MS Office 2010/2007/2003/XP/2000.