Hindi Unicode Fonts Converter

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Hindi Unicode Fonts Converter




Hindi Unicode Fonts Converter is a remarkable Font Converter Tool adept at converting font of texts in different Devnagri scripts like- Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Maithili, Nepali, Konkani etc. Tool seamlessly converts fonts like Shusha or kruti to Unicode (mangal). The tool can also convert shusha to kruti or kruti to shusha effortlessly. Need for this type of converter tool arises because Windows does not support text written in fonts other than Unicode. Users just need a few mouse clicks to convert kruti to mangal, shusha to unicode, kruti to shusha, shusha to kruti. The tool also provides the user with Unicode editor. User has the liberty to type in Shusha and Kruti style while using Unicode editor. This feature is beneficial for users habituated to type in Shusha or Kruti style and find it difficult to learn new way of typing. Onscreen keyboard provided in editor mode can be used to key in Unicode text.

The tool is programmed to leave out English text while converting. This feature has been provided keeping in mind the trend of using English language text in other language documents. The tool is compatible with different platforms like Windows XP/Vista/2007/2008. As large amount of web content is being developed in different devnagri scripts like Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Maithili, Nepali, Konkani etc. and content for print media in these languages is also mostly developed on computers, software tools helpful in developing or editing content in these languages have become necessary. Font converters also fall in this category of tools. Hindi Unicode Fonts Converter is one such font converter tool.

Key Feature:

  • The Hindi Unicode Fonts Converter is a useful Hindi Font converter which facilitates conversion of fonts of text in different Devnagri scripts like Marathi, Hindi, Nepali and Devnagri.
  • The Hindi Converter converts kruti ( Remington) to Unicode
  • Tool converts shusha ( phonetic) to Unicode
  • It also converts shusha to kruti or kruti to shusha with aplomb.
  • Leaves out English text unchanged.
  • It is a fast and reliable converter of Nepali texts to Nepali Unicode.
  • It can also seamlessly convert Marathi texts into Marathi Unicode.
  • It carries out Kruti to Unicode conversions within minutes.
  • Unicode editor allows typing in shusha style.
  • Editor also allows typing in kruti style.