Phone Number Grabber Files

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Phone Number Grabber Files




Phone Number Grabber Files is an outstanding phone number extractor tool mandated to help in extracting phone numbers from different types of word, excel, PowerPoint or pdf files at one go. The tool can process multiple files simultaneously. This saves precious time and effort of the user. Filter options have been provided to make extraction process precise. This feature enables the user to set criteria for extraction and extract numbers accordingly. Tool allows the users to save extracted numbers in .CSV format opening in excel or .TXT format opening in notepad. Tool helps in excluding duplicate numbers automatically. Featurewise this tool is advanced but using it is very simple. Users need just a few clicks of the mouse to carryout extraction tasks. Users can add multiple files for extraction purposes by clicking on 'add files' or 'add folder' button. After adding files user needs to click on 'Start Extracting' button.

This generates phone number list. Thereafter user can click on ‘Filter Phone Numbers’ button to filter numbers. This helps the user to extract relevant numbers excluding irrelevant ones. Finally user has to click on ‘Save Phone Numbers’ button to save extracted numbers in .CSV or .TXT format opening in excel and notepad respectively. This useful Phone number finder tool can find mobile numbers from excel files like XLS, XLSX, XLTX, SLSM, XLA, XLT etc., word files like doc, docx, dot, docm, dotm, dotx, rtf, txt, wps etc. or PowerPoint files like ppt, pot, pptx, potm, pptm, ppsm, potx, ppsx, pps, ppa, ppam etc. with similar ease. The tool is very adept at mobile number search. Utility of telephone number search tools like this one is immense in present scenario.
The tool is extremely cheap and is easily available in the market. The tool can also be downloaded from the internet. These features make it very convenient for people to use this tool. The tool helps the user to get the required phone numbers which maintains the accuracy levels.

Key Feature:

  • This tool is a remarkable Phone Number Extractor which can extract phone numbers from document files.
  • The software can extract numbers from files like Doc, Docx, PDF, XLS, TXT, HTML, RTF, PPT, PPTX, PPA, XML, SLSM etc.
  • The tool can extract numbers from multiple files by setting search criteria.
  • This tool can automatically remove duplicate phone numbers.
  • The tool can extract numbers from pdf files.
  • The software tool is capable of extracting numbers from excel files.
  • The Phone number Grabber Files extracts numbers from Word and PowerPoint efficiently.
  • The tool can extract phone numbers from multiple files simultaneously.
  • This is a fast and reliable phone number extractor tool efficient at extracting numbers from files contained in folders by adding folders directly.
  • The tool can help in online marketing campaign by extracting numbers in bulk.