Phone Number Grabber Outlook

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Phone Number Grabber Outlook




Phone Number Grabber Outlook Phone Number Grabber Outlook is a remarkable phone number extractor tool developed to assist in extracting numbers from MS Outlook and Outlook express files. The tool has been studded with whole lot of advanced features to extract phone numbers in bulk from multiple PST and DBX files with precision. The tool facilitates seamless extraction of numbers from all mail files like inbox, outbox, drafts, sent items, deleted items etc. It also extracts numbers from personal folders and sub folders with similar ease.
It also extracts numbers from contacts folder. The tool helps in extracting Fax numbers contained in Outlook files also. Notwithstanding its advanced features the tool is very simple to use.

User needs a few clicks of the mouse to carry out most operations. The user has been provided with advanced filter options to facilitate extraction relevant numbers by setting search criteria. Software is programmed to avoid duplicacy by excluding duplicate numbers automatically. The tool also provides the option to save extracted numbers. User can save numbers in .CSV format opening in excel or .TXT format opening in Notepad.
This phone number finder tool can be valuable in present scenario. As email and phone have become vital for business communication, tools adept at managing these are being widely used. This is one such tool. Companies relying on online marketing get large number of leads through mails. To convert these leads into sales, companies need to extract numbers from these mails to contact prospective customers. This phone number search tool can be very useful for this purpose.

Key Feature:

  • The Phone Number Grabber Outlook is efficient number extractor software tool which is capable of extracting phone number from Microsoft Outlook files.
  • This phone number finder tool is capable of extracting phone numbers from different mail folders like inbox, outbox, delete items, sent items, drafts etc.
  • It can extract numbers from contacts folder and personal folders and subfolders also.
  • The tool allows the users to add multiple .PST and .DBX files at one go.
  • The software tool is capable of extracting phone numbers at high speed.
  • The software can remove duplicate numbers automatically.
  • The software has filters which facilitate only relevant numbers to be extracted.
  • Extracted phone numbers can be saved in .CSV and .TXT formats which open in MS excel and notepad resp.
  • Tool can extract Fax numbers also.