Hindi Unicode to ANSI Converter

(Overview and product descriptions)

Hindi Unicode to ANSI Converter




Hindi Unicode To ANSI Converter is a fast and accurate software tool developed to assist in converting Unicode to ANSI font of devnagri scripts. The tool can convert font in texts of various devnagri scripts like Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi, Maithili, Nepali, Konkani etc. with similar ease. Tool boasts of high processing speed and can process hundreds of pages of text at one go. Using the tool is very simple. Users just need few clicks of the mouse to carryout conversion tasks. To convert font user simply needs to click on ‘OPEN RTF/TXT FILE’ button and select the file to be converted. Now user simply needs to click on ‘Start Conversion’ button to convert font. Once the font is converted user can easily save converted font text. The software has been provided with innovative features to make conversion process hassle free. Leaving out English text unchanged is one such feature. Need of such a feature arises due to wide usage of English in other language documents all around the world. This tool is very useful for DTP operators and printers as many DTP softwares like Pagemaker/Illustrator don’t support Unicode. If the user is unable to put any text in Unicode font in Page Maker for typesetting this tool can be extremely helpful. User simply needs to convert font from Unicode to ANSI in the text and typeset it with ease.

Tool allows the user to save converted text in RTF/TXT format effortlessly. Font converters for Devnagri scripts have become very relevant in present scenario. Advent of Indian language websites and large scale web content development has given rise to the need for such converter tools. In addition to web content content for print media is also being developed mostly on computer systems.This necessitates use of software tools that can assist in typing, editing or font conversion in Indian language text including Devnagri script. Converters adept at converting DevLys to Unicode, Unicode to kruti dev, kruti to mangal, Mangal to DevLys, Susha to Mangal, Mangal to kruti etc. are being widely used. Unicode to ANSI Converter is one such efficient font converter tool.

Key Feature:

  • Converts Unicode to ANSI font in different devnagri scripts.
  • This is a fast tool and can convert 100's of pages within minutes.
  • Converts font in text of various Devnagri scripts like- Hindi, Nepali, Marathi, Maithaili, Bhojpuri etc. with similar ease.
  • Leaves out English Text while conversion.
  • RTF/TXT files can be seamlessly selected for conversion. 
  • Converts thousands of words within minutes with utmost precision.  
  • Users can saves converted text in RTF/TXT format effortlessly.
  • Helpful tool for DTP operators
  • Compatible with different windows platforms.