Word Picture Remover

(Overview and product descriptions)

Word Picture Remover

v 2.0.0



This is an outstanding image remover software developed to cater to the needs of users who face problems while attaching word files simply because total size of all attachments exceeds permitted size limit. This tool can solve this problem within minutes by removing images from any or all files to be attached as image removal reduces size of the files considerably. The tool can also be useful for those who need to remove images from files to enhance readability. Although images are vital for some documents, in some cases they tend to hinder readability and act as eyesores. In such cases it is better to remove images. This tool can be hugely helpful in such a scenario. Tool can be judiciously used to remove images to make documents compact and enhance readability. Removing large number of images from multiple or even single file can be extremely cumbersome. Removing images from large number of files can be a lengthy process but this tool can make it effortless.

Tool is capable of removing images both from page area and header and footer area. It can process DOC, DOCX and RTF files with similar ease. Tool provides different saving options. It also provides backup facility to avoid loss of original files. The tool is extremely simple to use and users need few clicks of the mouse to remove images from multiple files in time saving manner. To remove images users need to add files that need to be processed, select one or both options of removing images from page area or header and footer and click on ‘Remove images’ button. To add files users can use either ‘add files’ or ‘add folder’ button. By using ‘add folder’ button user can add all files contained in a folder automatically. Tool boasts of high processing speed and can remove images from large number of files in a matter of minutes.

Key Feature:

  • Removes multiple images from multiple MS word files simultaneously.
  • Tool can remove images of MS word documents of different formats like DOCX, DOC or RTF.
  • Helps in shrinking size of word documents.
  • Lowers page count of files considerably by removing images.
  • Helps in making files compact and enhance their readability by removing images.
  • Makes documents attachable to emails by shrinking file size.
  • Removes images from large number of MS word files in single batch process.
  • Provides different saving options to let users to save processed files.
  • Tool provides backup facility to avoid loss of original files.
  • Is compatible with different platforms windows.
  • Tool is very easy to download.